CFTC – Precious Metals and Diamonds Anti-Fraud Action

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) announced a Consent Order against Defendants Jeffrey Slemmer, Christian Dorrian, Adam Roth, and their former respective Florida companies, finding that the defendants fraudulently solicited customers in connection with precious metals and diamonds transactions, misappropriated customer funds, and concealed their fraud with false account statements.

The Court’s Order arises from a CFTC enforcement action filed on May 31, 2016, charging the Defendants with fraud, engaging in illegal, off-exchange transactions in precious metals, and acting as Futures Commission Merchants without registering as such with the CFTC, as required.

Please find attached a link for the full story Precious Metals and Diamonds Anti-Fraud Action

Digital Bitcoin Mining Fraud

Former Connecticut Resident Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges in Connection With Digital Bitcoin Mining Fraud.

The SEC alleged that GAW Miners and ZenMiner, along with their principal, Garza, purported to offer shares to investors in their digital bitcoin mining operation. Mining for bitcoin or other virtual currencies means applying computer power to try to solve complex equations that verify a group of transactions in that virtual currency. The first computer or collection of computers to solve an equation is awarded new units of that virtual currency. According to the SEC’s complaint, GAW Miners and ZenMiner did not own enough computing power for the mining they promised to conduct, so most investors paid for a share of computing power that never existed. Returns paid to some investors came, not from successful mining activity, but from proceeds generated from sales to other investors.

Please find attached a link for the full story Digital Bitcoin Mining Fraud


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White Elephants

The answer to a $3.2 billion problem (and key to big investor profits) is sitting in a disused corner of a desert airport right now, but maybe not for much longer…

Why I’m Excited About Trump’s New Ride
By William Patalon, III, Executive Editor, Money Morning

I recently caught wind of a deal that’s likely another profit catalyst for one of my favorite stocks – a “Rocky” stock that’s been declared a loser before but keeps piling on the gains.

I filled my paid-up Private Briefing subscribers in on it last weekend, and now I want to let everyone here know about it, too.

It’s a good deal, and we all know Trump loves a good deal – especially one that shaves off millions in, as he might say, “ridiculous” project costs.

Well, now it looks like the U.S. Air Force might have just found a doozy of a deal for the president.

Right now, it’s just collecting dust at a Mojave Desert “boneyard,” but it could very well end up being “SAM 30000” – the new Air Force One.

And you’ll never guess who Trump would have to thank for it… Full Story

Trend Watch


“This Is the Worst Idea I’ve Heard All Week…”
Michael is putting together a new investor report about the cryptocurrencies exploding onto the market right now.

But he’s looking at a “crypto” trend that’s so dangerous he wanted to warn folks about it right away – initial coin offerings, or “ICOs,” like the one boxer Floyd Mayweather talked up on his Instagram account recently. They’re like cryptocurrency IPOs that allow individuals to back all kinds of startups with their coins… and they’re completely unregulated right now.

Sure, you could make millions, but it’s just as likely you’ll lose millions, too. Hacking is a real risk, because not everyone takes security seriously. Then there’s the whole issue of extreme volatility in ICOs. Michael’s recommending his readers avoid ICOs for now and wait just a while longer for his cryptocurrency report, which will have his best, safest crypto- and blockchain-investing ideas. In the meantime, sign up free for his Strategic Tech Investor updates to get first crack at the report when it’s ready. You’ll hear from him three times each week. Just click here.

Dr. Kent Moors
Investments Bridging Energy and Defense Are the Key to Profits
Kent has a high-yield strategy for making energy profits in a world of ever-increasing tensions. And he’s going to prove it works with this stock “triple play”… Full Story

Keith Fitz-Gerald
Don’t Let Kim Jong Un Mess with Your Money
Investors finally let the North Korea situation get the best of them, and markets have indeed felt the impact. Here’s how to take control of your money for maximum protection and profits… Full Story

Must See
Big Tobacco Must Pay
Please pay close attention: Thanks to a clause in a massive $206 billion tobacco settlement, there’s a backdoor way you can collect tax-free income… even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life. And once claimed, the money can flow in every single month. For full details on getting into one of the 156 remaining deals, click HERE now.

Michael Robinson (Premium Content)
Our Baozun Calls Are at 667%, so Take This Next Step
In just five weeks, our shares for this growing Chinese web sector have soared to 32%. Make this move to take advantage of this strong rally and get back some of your capital… Full Story

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SEC Charges Two Brothers With Conducting an Offering Fraud

According to the SEC’s complaint, Michael and Brian Quigley convinced overseas investors to send money to U.S. bank accounts for purported investments in various securities, including well-known issuers, investment funds and penny stock companies, and claimed to be associated with entities that did not in fact exist, including fictional broker-dealers. The SEC alleges that the Quigleys did not make any investments with the money, and instead simply stole the investors’ funds.

Please find attached a link for the full story SEC Charges Two Brothers With Conducting an Offering Fraud


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Must Own

Every investor needs to own the shares Kent’s going to show you in 2017; they’re the perfect profit play for increasing world tensions.

This “Triple Play” Is Key to Profiting from Energy’s Tense “New Normal”
By Dr. Kent Moors, Global Energy Strategist, Money Morning

Last Thursday, I filled my Oil & Energy Investor readers in on the best energy investing strategy to use in a world wracked by rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the Persian Gulf, and of course, Venezuela.

Now, energy is still making people fortunes. That hasn’t changed, and it’s not likely to in the future, either.

But in an increasingly anxious world, investors will see bigger, more consistent profits when they find a way to bridge two critical sectors: defense and energy.

In fact, in my monthly, paid Energy Advantage and weekly Energy Inner Circle investment research services, I’m adding significantly more “weight” in the stocks that do this very bridging.

Normally, I’d keep these plays close to the vest; after all, it’s only fair. We’ve already enjoyed double-digit gains in these companies, and the upside potential is still enormous.

More importantly, the geopolitical situation is changing so quickly, and the impacts are so profound, that I want to make sure everyone is holding these three stocks at a minimum.

So here they are… Full Story

More Kent


Grab Kent’s Updated 2017 Oil Price Forecast Here
It would be a mistake to let crude’s wild swings from the low $20s to the mid $50s scare you away. Kent’s latest research shows oil demand is increasing at a time when still-low prices are driving suppliers out of business.

That’s a recipe for a balanced market and a long-term rebound, according to Kent. Even better, he says this balance will act like a kind of “rocket fuel” catalyst for his favorite energy sector play. It’s given 60% in gains so far, and the pace of profits is increasing.

Click here to get Kent’s new crude forecast, and you’ll get the ticker of the stock he’s watching and complete, free access to his Oil & Energy Investor research. He’ll get in touch twice each week with everything you need to know about the fast-changing global energy markets.

Michael Robinson
You Can Do Better Than 22% in One Day… Here’s How
It’s possible to crush the Dow and the S&P 500, for all their record highs. Today, Michael will tell you about a small-cap stock that made 22% in one-day gains and likely will again… Full Story

Superior Returns
Skittish Investors Are Running from Upside Here
Our Director of Technology & Venture Capital Research, Michael Robinson, just doesn’t buy the hype that there’s a tech bubble. That’s why he’s recommending a “triple play” of his own… Full Story

Must See
Donald Trump’s $18.7 Million “Secret Investment”
President Trump is just one of many billionaires taking advantage of a Great Depression-era “program” to build massive fortunes. However, a small group of regular Americans have begun to use them as well. And they’re making millions. Could you be next? [Full Story…]

Shah Gilani (Premium Content)
Our Profitable Positions Tighten Up
With the major indexes so close to making new highs for a second time and a number of retail stocks showing better-than-expected earnings, we’re going to do a little portfolio housekeeping and tidy up what we’re sitting on… Full Story

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Here’s the Secret to Timing Gold Perfectly (and Playing It Profitably)
By Lee Adler, Liquidity Specialist, Money Morning

The U.S. government holds 261.5 million ounces of gold.

Now, a government holding gold is not all that unusual. Lots of them do, all over the world.

This is: Uncle Sam doesn’t mark to market!

It just carries the stuff at the nominal value of $42 an ounce, which is about 3% of its market value.

So it pretends that it’s not worth much. The U.S. Federal Reserve shows its gold holdings are “worth” $11 billion – enough to cover any hiccups that might arise from its once-radioactive, still-vulnerable mortgage-backed securities.

But at current market prices, the U.S. government’s gold reserve is worth close to 30 times as much as the books show – about $329.5 billion.

I guess that’s the government’s “insurance policy.”

Me? I see gold not so much as an insurance policy but as a store of value, similar to any other investment. We know it can’t go bankrupt. It’s nobody’s liability, but it sure does fluctuate in price.

In that respect, gold is just like any speculative investment. There’s potential reward, and there’s risk.

Timing is everything. And gold timing should not be a mystery.

Here’s how it’s done… Full Story

Protect Yourself from the Fake Gold Hitting the Markets
Unfortunately, we’re not the only ones happy with gold’s renewed bullish run. Gangs of counterfeiters are using genuine minting equipment, cheap tungsten, and a little impure gold to produce millions of dollars’ worth of American Eagles, South African Krugerrand, and Canadian Maple Leafs. The little bit of real gold in the fakes is designed to fool the common acid test most buyers use to see if they’re getting the “real McCoy.”

According to NBC, a retiree was conned into parting with $84,000, only to find out later his “protective investment” was a handful of good-looking, cheap base metal slugs. The problem is getting so bad, the U.S. Secret Service is beginning to get involved in this – but don’t wait for them to come riding in. Don’t rely on the acid test, either, and even if you’ve been trading gold for years, know that even experienced pros are getting taken every day. To help you buy smarter, we’ve prepared this quick guide to run you through some simple but effective tests that you can do to make sure the gold you’re buying is genuine. Click

Recommendations Are Not Guaranteed, and there is No Guarantees Of Profit no matter what they say

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LEAKED: This video will DESTROY Hillary’s 2020 hopes

This video from Hillary’s past just won’t go away… It’s haunted her for years. And now, it could be the proof we need to send her to jail. You don’t want to miss this shocking clip… Click here now to check it out!
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Biggest Currency Reboot in 100 Years?

In less than 5 months, the biggest reboot to the U.S. dollar in 100 years could sweep America. It has to do with a quiet potential government agreement you’ve never heard about. Click here now for the details.
New “Alpha Code” Trounces Market With 585% Gain AND LESS RISK!

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Seniors Can Collect $480 per Week From This Unusual “Side Job”

If you’re searching for more income in today’s zero-interest world, we’ve found a special kind of cash-generating “pastime” where regular folks – including you – can get the chance to rake in as much as $1,038 or more each week. It sounds crazy, I know… Yet one fellow, Dan Morgan, recently said, “The performance continues to amaze. My annual payouts now exceed $54,000.” For details, click here.
Grab Your “Trump Refund” Check for up to $127,895!

On Tuesday, September 5, 2017, when President Trump releases his new Tax Reform Plan to the American people… Approximately $2.6 trillion may begin flooding America’s economy – almost overnight. Surprisingly, this isn’t money you’ll receive directly from the government, which is why you can collect this money… even if you didn’t file Form 1040… or never paid a dime in taxes last year. President Trump has made it ingeniously simple to claim your fair share. Click here to get started…
Big Tobacco Payout: Learn More Now!

If you’re a United States taxpayer, you could claim $2,300 dollars every month, tax-free. Due to a massive tobacco settlement, the “Big Four of Big Tobacco” are handing over $206 billion to 46 states for the next 25 years alone. And there’s a backdoor way you could cash in, even if you’ve never smoked a day in your life. Click here to learn more.
Is the Media Covering Up a Story Bigger than N. Korea?

North Korea continues to dominate headlines with missile tests, nuke buildups, and the death of a recently released American prisoner. This regime needs to be dealt with, but are we missing an even bigger story? Click here to learn about the threat the media isn’t covering.


Shah Gilani’s Monstrous 95% WIN RATE Continues
congress We’ve never seen anything like it… since April 21, Shah Gilani has helped Money Morning readers make more money than maybe anyone in history. His last trade recommendation closed out for a 995% win. And he’s got seven more trades lined up right now. To date, his win rate is 95%. And we expect him to continue this incredible achievement for at least the next 18 months. You have to see this.


How the Fed Controls the Stock Market (and How You Can Make That Work for You)
By Lee Adler, Liquidity Specialist, Money Morning

The market is rigged!

But not in the way you might think.

It’s not necessarily the high-frequency traders and corporate insiders all conspiring to hose the little guy while the Wall Street fat cats take all the profits… although that’s true, as well, and certainly doesn’t help regular investors.

Rather, it’s our own U.S. Federal Reserve System – the Fed. You know, the very institution tasked with safeguarding economic growth and stability for the nation (and now, by default and by extension, the world).

The central bank is, effectively and actually, in cahoots with a small, exclusive “club” of elite financial institutions running a market-rigging scheme on a MONUMENTAL scale, and all right under our noses.

What’s more, not only does the Fed drive the market, they actually caused the crash of 2008, stoking the very financial holocaust they’re charged with preventing!

It’s really nothing less than the biggest con in economic history. And nobody has even noticed – until now.

Even to this day, market pundits and famous economists operate under a sort of weird, mass hypnosis. They deny that the Fed and its partners at the world’s other major central banks actually rig the market to go up when they want.

“Sure, there’s a correlation,” they say, “but correlation does not imply causation.”

Well, they are wrong. Dead wrong.

The Fed does rig the market, and it does so in a direct process. It’s a process about which the Fed makes no secret.

How do I know? It’s not classified information held in a locked vault in some undisclosed location. It’s out in the open. I have tracked it every week since the Fed began publishing its daily market operations in 2002, and I’m going to show you in a minute exactly how the system works.

And even better, I’m going to show you how you can make money – sure money – on this manipulation. It’s possible to do this because the Fed behaves predictably and telegraphs what it’s going to do in open market operations.

This is nothing less than a government-issued, Fed-sanctioned license to make money.

Click here to get Lee’s report on how the Fed does its “magic,” and you’ll be signed up to Lee Adler’s Sure Money. It’s always free for our Members, and twice each week you’ll get Lee’s Liquidity and Monetary Policy Profits (LAMPP) signals, which show you where the money’s coming from next, in your inbox.

D.R. Barton, Jr.
Why It Seems Like There Are Four Stock Markets Right Now
The trading patterns for the four major indexes are due to a “flight to quality” in the U.S. stock markets. You can see them all in this chart D.R. made last Friday…

Click here for D.R.’s own secret charts, and you’ll get access to his 10-Minute Millionaire system, too. There’s never a charge.

Michael Robinson
This CEO Will Give You a Piece of the Tech World’s Biggest Private Equity Fund
Today Michael’s going to fill you in on the kind of leader and company who can reshape the world. You might not be familiar with him, but Michael will put this CEO (and his 300-year plan) up against the Silicon Valley greats any day of the week…

Michael is researching the hottest wealth trends in the tech sector right now. click here to get his Strategic Tech Investor updates for free.


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Who Is Our $5 Million “Mystery Man”?
We just paid over $5 million to secure exclusive worldwide rights to a brand-new way to make money…. We are also guaranteeing you will see how to use this secret to make up to 1,000% returns on your money before the end of 2017. It all comes down to a “mystery man.” Find out the full story on Aug. 15 at 1 p.m. EDT… To get on this Mystery Man’s priority announcement list, go HERE right now…


Keith Fitz-Gerald
I Respect David Stockman, but He’s 100% Wrong About Amazon
Reagan-era Budget Director David Stockman rocked markets on Monday by calling Inc. a bubble, saying it’s “set for a spectacular collapse.” Measuring one of today’s largest e-commerce companies using a 35-year-old criteria misses both the point and the profit potential…

To get Keith’s best strategies for getting your money through this, click here. You’ll also get his free Total Wealth service twice each week.

Shah Gilani
Keep Your Money Away from This “Snap Trap”
Our seasoned Capital Wave Strategist, Shah Gilani, has seen this happen a million times before, and he doesn’t want you to get suckered into this new “hot stock” craze…

Click here to get Shah’s twice-weekly Wall Street Insights & Indictments, where he reveals how Wall Street’s high-stakes game is really played.

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An email about“10 Money-Doubling Trades Every Month… for Just $19.95!”

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Moreover, the Recommendations Are Not Guaranteed, and there is No Guarantees Of Profit no matter what they say.

An email about “Big Tobacco” and “Big Money” to Americans

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Dear Reader,

If you’re a United States taxpayer please pay close attention.

Because you could claim $2,300 or more each month from some of the tobacco industries biggest players – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve ever touched a cigarette in your life.

You see, “Big Tobacco” has already been paying out “Big Money” to Americans.

Everyday people like:
Sean Prince, a retired telephone technician who’s averaging $3,300 a month.
Suzanne Lesko, who’s getting an even bigger piece of the action. She’s averaging $5,000 a month.
Or Sam Fromme, who’s averaging an astounding $6,000 per month…
But Big Tobacco is also required to distribute this settlement cash to 46 states and 5 U.S. territories… forever.

And that’s how even people who are not eligible to collect money due to damages caused by Big Tobacco are able to tap into a pool of profits worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

And they can do it without ever investing in risky up-and-down stocks.

This cash stream comes from one of the most profitable businesses in American history.

Billion dollar investment behemoth Credit Suisse calls it “the best investment over the previous 100 years.”

And in the late ’90’s that same industry settled in one of the largest lawsuits of all time…

You may already know all this.

But here’s the crazy thing – a rule in the historic settlement means you personally may be able to capture thousands of dollars a month thanks to Big Tobacco.

Click here to see what Big Tobacco’s settlement could mean for you…

To Your Success,


Mike Ward
Publisher, Money Morning